Eudamonia yoo-dah-mo-nee-as is a greek word meaning "contented state of being healthy & happy.  Eudamonia provides cutting edge testing services previously unavailable to health consultants.  Having a doctor on staff who co-signs all test requisistions and an agreement with a Canadian laboratory allows practitioners like myself to access food intolerance testing, saliva hormone testing and hair mineral analysis.  Once the laboratory has recieved completed test kits it will take them 7-10 days for hair mineral and saliva samples to be completed and reported back to me and approximately 3 weeks for allergy samples to be completed and reported back to me.


Food Allergy-lgG - NO BLOOD DRAW - A simple finger prick!

Food allergies/sensitivities have been implicated in a wide range of medical conditions, affecting virtually every part of the body.  Symptoms can include but are not limited to gas, bloating & water retention to more severe conditions such as celiac disease, arthritis, IBS and even anxiety & depression.


Saliva Hormone Testing - Quick, easy and painless!

Dealing with stress in our fast paced world can be difficult. Poor lifestyle choices, excessive stimulant usage and long work hours all contribute to adrenal fatigue or the "feeling of running on empty". Adrenal fatigue is largely unrecognized in the conventional medical field, leaving millions of people fatigued, frusterated and unhealthy. Testing measures important stress hormones: Cortisol and DHEA. The levels of these hormones in saliva are more indicative of the amount of hormone inside the cell where the hormone reaction takes place.

Hair Element Analysis

Used primarily to determine whether a person has had excessive exposure to toxic elements such as lead, mercury or arsenic these heavy metals are known to cause serious health problems. Elemental analysis also provides information on the absorption and assimilation of nutritionally important elements like iron and copper making it useful for assessing nutrient deficiencies and imbalances as well.


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