PARASITES AND Your Live Blood Health

Parasites are organisms that live on (or in) another organism which can be a plant, animal or human.  They survive by attaching to different tissues such as skin or organs.  They literally feed off their “host”, taking in nutrients, cells, blood and even organs (causing them to deteriorate).

You can get parasites from a variety of sources such as;

·         Food such as meat, fish and poultry

·         Contact with infected pets and animals

·         Contact with infected humans

·         Contaminated soil

·         Contaminated fruits and vegetables

·         Mosquitoes

·         Contact with feces

·         Polluted water

Travel is more popular today than ever before, especially to exotic places.  Have you ever linked food poisoning, diarrhea, vomiting, aches and pain, fatigue or just plain not feeling well right after vacation to parasites? (Or from drinking well water, eating something in a restaurant)?  Most of us don’t!  Unusual as it might seem, the medical profession doesn’t even think of this as the cause of so many ailments and we are certainly not checked for them annually such as our pets are!  There are literally hundreds of different parasites that are found in our world and many of them have an impact on humans.  The ones that can affect humans can impact health in many ways, and can be responsible for a wide variety of ailments, from serious infections and disease to mild feelings of un-wellness and lack of energy.

Some of the ailments that can be caused by parasites are;

·         Weakness that turn into infections

·         Digestive complaints such as gas and bloating

·         Diarrhea and or constipation

·         Irritable Bowel Syndrome

·         Nausea/vomiting

·         Tiredness and fatigue

·         Persistent skin problems

·         Irritability, mood swings including depression

·         Anemia

·         Muscle cramps and joint pain

·         Appetite problems

·         Allergies

·         Pain in belly button area

·         Rectal itching

·         Granulomas (tumor-like masses that encase destroyed larva or parasites)

The damage that parasites can cause occurs not only when they feed off our cells, but also from the toxic waste they excrete.  The waste poisons the body, over working the organs of elimination.  Processing this excess waste weakens the immune system.  As the detoxification mechanisms become overwhelmed, nutritional reserves are depleted, and the immune system weakens.  The result is declining health and chronic disease.

Check out your blood health!  Live Blood Analysis can check the status of your blood health and parasitic concern.


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