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Live Blood Analysis, Blood Typing

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Ultra-Dark Field Live Blood Analysis can detect and prevent illness; it allows us to know exactly what is going on inside your body and with your health.  We will discuss diet, exercise and supplements to improve what we see.  During your consultation I will analyze your blood right before your eyes!  Using Dark Field Microscopy we can see;

  • Condition of red blood cells
  • Malabsorption of proteins, fats and nutrients
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Liver, Kidney and other organ stress
  • Weakened immune system
  • Level of toxicity
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Plaque
  • Poor circulation
  • Blood sugar imbalance
  • Detection of the presence of parasites, fungus, yeast and the degree of pleomorphic activity
  • Observation of crystalline forms such as, uric acid and cholesterol


Live Blood tests are done by extracting a drop of blood from the fingertip; the blood is then placed on a slide to be observed through a certified custom made Dark Field microscope from Germany and a large flat screen monitor.  This technique allows the certified analyst as well as the client to see and analyze the blood via T.V. monitoring.


BLOOD TYPING - $25.00 (with Live Blood Analysis $10.00)

Do you know your blood type?  Many people do not know their blood type or the fundamental relationship between your blood type and the dietary and lifestyle choices that will help you live your very best.  Many doctors do not have your blood type on file and charge $65.00 and up to have you tested.  Have you ever wondered why one diet works for someone and not someone else?  It's in your BLOOD!  We will discuss the optimal diet for your blood type.

Many parents are unaware of their children's blood type and want to feed them properly to keep them healthy.


 Many problems people have today can be cured through lifestyle changes!  It is amazing what nutrition can do!  We can literally reverse ailments by providing our bodies with ultimate fuel -THE FOOD WE EAT!






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Jody Charette, NNCP

Natural Nutritional Coach & Practitioner

Certified Blood Analyst



I operate out of Simply Health in Spruce Grove

#46 - 96 Campsite Road

(Located near Wal-Mart)

Spruce Grove, AB 





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